Latest News

  1. PolyMC Update 1.4.1, now available

    Roughly Enough Fixes

  2. PolyMC Update 1.4.0, now available

    Just Enough Changes

  3. PolyMC Update 1.3.2, now available

    Another load of fixes

  4. PolyMC Update 1.3.1, now available

    Fixing up the oopsies!

  5. PolyMC Update 1.3.0, now available

    A lot of new things to check out!

  6. PolyMC Update 1.2.2, now available (CurseForge Hotfix)

    Fixing CurseForge just in time!

  7. PolyMC Update 1.2.1, now available

    It's Wednesday my dudes.

  8. PolyMC Update 1.2.0, now available

    A lot of refinement!

  9. Rewrite in electron

    Baftastic Release

  10. PolyMC Update 1.1.1, now available

    Bugfix release

  11. PolyMC Update 1.1.0, now available

    Our first feature release!

  12. Moving on

    The origins of PolyMC are plagued by controversy. Let's move on from this.

  13. Modrinth support and Mod downloading

    PolyMC is now able to download individual mods from curseforge and modrinth. Huge thanks to @timoreo for this feature.

  14. New maintainers and step down.

    Swirl has stepped down from maintainer and a new core team has been established.