What happened, and the next step.

What happened?

A team restructure occurred that unfortunately led people to spread false information about the state of our metadata
and update servers. However, these remain safe to users, and we're dedicated to the privacy and security of PolyMC users now and in the future.

How can I get updates to PolyMC going forward?

The following platforms (repositories) are unable to receive updates as of now along with a few others that are not listed, these are: Flathub, AUR, COPR, Scoop, and Gentoo.

To get the latest updates to the software please consult the Github releases page (Found at
If you were on Scoop, the best option currently is to switch to the Windows installer, which can be found at the Github releases page for PolyMC.
We're working on bringing most of these back up, but it will take time and we may not be able to regain control of a few.
If you need any help, be it with Migration from different install methods or general help with PolyMC, you can connect with us in the following channels.

Github -

Discord -

Reddit -

Matrix -

Again if you run into any issues don't hesitate to join any of these channels and ask for help.

What's next for PolyMC?

Well, we're on the same path, bringing you cool new features and looking at your feedback to plan new features.
We are looking forward to the future, and wishing the best to all the forks out there.

~PolyMC Team