An Open Source Minecraft launcher with the ability to manage multiple instances, accounts and mods. Focused on user freedom and free redistributability.

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Modpack management

Install and launch modpacks easily, while keeping them clean. No longer do you need to manually install them, and updating feature is coming soon. PolyMC can do that for you, without installing tons of separate launchers.
Modpack Installer

Download & Update Mods

Are you sick of finding and adding that one mod you need? PolyMC is able to download & update individual mods from outside of modpacks using Modrinth and CurseForge.

Mod Installer Mod Installer

Minecraft instance management

Did your settings ever reset after launching an older version? Did you ever accidentally break a world because you opened it in an old version? Are you tired of manually switching mods for different versions, installing modloaders?

PolyMC can help. Each Minecraft instance has its own folder, with separate mods, resourcepacks and other things.

Instance Settings

Lightweight & Customizable

You don't need an embedded web browser for a game launcher. PolyMC uses the Qt toolkit, which requires little system resources. PolyMC also supports customizing the instance window and theme.
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To talk directly to us and get involved with development:

PolyMC Discord


For people who don't want to use Discord, we have a Matrix Space which is bridged to the Discord server:

PolyMC Space

If there are any issues with the space or you are using a client that does not support the feature, here are the individual rooms:



Source code

PolyMC is focused on user freedom and free redistributability. All code is available on the GitHub under the GPL-3 license.

Source for this website is hosted under the AGPL-3 License.

The logo and related assets are under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.