Download PolyMC 1.4.3



Some of these packages (other than the flatpak) may be outdated as they are not controlled by PolyMC. If you're having trouble getting PolyMC getting installed you can ask for support in one of the places listed in the "get involved" section of the main page.


We have a flatpak package that you can install by downloading and then using the flatpak install command: PolyMC-1.4.3.flatpak

You need to run these commands in a terminal (on Steam Deck, that's Konsole)

# Download the file
curl -OL

# For a per-user install:
flatpak install --user PolyMC-1.4.3.flatpak

# Alternatively, for a system-wide install:
flatpak install --system PolyMC-1.4.3.flatpak

# (Optional) delete the file now that it's been installed:
rm PolyMC-1.4.3.flatpak

Arch Linux / Manjaro

There are several AUR packages available:

# stable source package:
yay -S polymc
# stable binary package:
yay -S polymc-bin
# latest git package:
yay -S polymc-git

If you want to use Qt 5 to build the packages instead:

# stable Qt 5 source package:
yay -S polymc-qt5
# stable Qt 5 binary package:
yay -S polymc-qt5-bin
# latest Qt 5 git package:
yay -S polymc-qt5-git

You can replace yay -S with your preferred AUR helper's install command.


A Nix derivation is available.


An RPM package is available on COPR:

dnf copr enable polymc/polymc

Gentoo Linux

ebuilds for PolyMC can be downloaded from the polymc overlay.

Write the following to /etc/portage/repos.conf/polymc.conf:

location = /var/db/repos/polymc
sync-type = git
sync-uri =

If you want to build and install the latest version from git, then unmask the 9999 ebuild:

echo "=games-action/polymc-9999 **" | sudo tee -a /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/polymc

If your package.accept_keywords is simply a file, remove the /polymc at the end.

Finally, sync the overlay:

sudo emaint sync -r polymc

And emerge:

sudo emerge -a polymc